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Authentication Fee

We understand the importance of an authentic autographs. With years of experience from the team of signature experts, we have developed a comprehensive RA Database with more than 200,000 autographs across fields. 

We provide two authentication services that accommodate different needs from leisure collectors to professional memorabilia dealers.

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1. Submit your query here.

2. If passed, a designated online Certificate of Authenticity Certificate Number will be generated, information of the autograph will be stored in the RA Database

3. You can verify your item via our website anytime. 

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With an additional of USD 20 per item, you can upgrade your authentication service to Full Physical Authentication. Please contact with our team for more information.

If you wish to inspect a large amount of items, please contact with our team for more information. Package rate provided upon request.

With an additional of USD 40 per item, a specific Letter of Authentication can be issued to you. This Letter of Authentication will indicate the full test report including the item type, ink test result and RA database library matching tests results of the specific items after a complete inspection examined by our professional signature inspectors. 


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