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CEO, Founder of Real Authentic, Lead Authenticator

Expert in Vintage Movies, Modern Movies and Heroic Movies

Alfred Y. is a financial businessman in Asia and known as one of the renowned autograph collectors, dealers and authenticators with over 20,000 movie and music related collectibles in Southeast Asia. Growing up from a multiracial family travelling across continents, he has developed a passionate collecting hobby as a teen. With an extensive background of 15 years of collection and authentication, Mr. Yip specialized in movies collectibles from Indiana Jones, Godfather to JAWS and Jurassic Park. Being a huge fan and collector in MARVEL and DC Hero’s collectibles, his collection includes all types of Hot Toys figures to all MARVEL DC movie autographed posters, books, scripts and movie props.


As an autograph enthusiast from the globe, Mr. Yip is dedicated to establishing an authentication business to educate the generation the importance of authentication and how to value the collectibles. He started his in-depth collectibles research and accumulated over 100,000+ autograph database (known as RA database) as comparing samples since early 2000s. Mr. Yip and his team introduced a series of scientific autograph examinations including, detect pen pressure, ink flow, letter formation and the evolutionary of autograph from each of the celebrities to Asia. With the dedication and expanding database, Real Authentic aims to continue providing valued authentication services to all autograph collectors.

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